TransDetect® Double-Luciferase Reporter Assay Kit provides an efficient method to perform dual-reporter assays. In the assay, the
activities of firefly (Photinus pyralis) and Renilla (sea pansy) luciferases are measured sequentially from a single sample. The
firefly luciferase reporter is measured firstly by adding Luciferase Reaction Reagent to generate a luminescent signal. After quantifying the firefly luminescence, this reaction is quenched, and the Renilla luciferase reaction is initiated by adding Luciferase Reaction Reagent II to the same tube.


Contents& storage

at -20oC in dark for one year. Prepared luciferase assay reagents (Luciferase Reaction Reagent and Luciferase Reaction Reagent II) should be stored in aliquots in dark at -20oC for one month or at -70oC for one year.


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TransDetect® Double-Luciferase Reporter Assay Kit

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